5 Tips for Installing a Roof for Your Pergola

Adding a roof to your pergola can provide more protection from the elements and give you an outdoor space that’s comfortable all year round. But when it comes to choosing a roof for your pergola, there are many factors to consider – type of material, cost, installation requirements and maintenance needs. In this blog post … Read more

How to Connect a Porch Roof to a House?

How to Connect a Porch Roof to a House

We all desire to own a house, and we work hard to achieve this goal. A house is not just its four walls. You need the special spaces in your house which make the difference between your house your home Sometimes home is as much the places outside the four walls as within. The lawn … Read more

Metal Porch Roof

The metal porch roof can accord a perfect remodeling option for the front side of your home. Whether you have an amazing backyard landscape area in your house or simply have a small patio place outside the building, the porch roof installation is not only a low cost option, but it also adds to the … Read more

Building a porch roof


If you have a beautiful porch and you want to cover it with a roof so that you can enjoy the lovely rain or shine under cover, then this post is for you. You can have a perfect place to relax where you can spend your idle time. Related post: How to connect a porch … Read more

Porch Roof Plans and Construction

roof porch framing

This post focuses about porch roof plans. Good planning takes time and will serve as a stepping stone for construction that leads to the good quality of every porch roof. Different designs and styles of porch roofs should vary on the style of the house to achieve a satisfying and best result. This article contains … Read more

Framing a porch roof – Porch roof framing

gable roof frame

The porch roof framing. Whether it is big or small, every one dreams of having his or her house. A house where they can rest, do what they want freely and most especially, a house that will serve as a shelter to them and their loved ones. That is why, most of the people work … Read more

Porch roof designs and styles

Porch roof – Porches should show charm and warmth. This becomes the extension of your style and personality and the first thing that passers-by and visitors see. Roof design for porches is one of the important considerations when building porches. It is essential to understand the porch components and how they complement each other before … Read more