Are Ridge Vents Worth It?

Contents Just like humans, their houses need to breathe too. Roof structure, air ventilation, and an appropriate attic temperature of a house are the most important areas that need constant maintenance and thought. Especially the attic, this specific area of a house is most prone to poor air circulation, moisture accumulation, molds, elevated temperature from … Read more

Dutch Hip Roof

hip roof

Roofs are made of various designs according to regions and the climatic conditions in those regions. The variations of materials used to build the roofs could also vary from place to place. The design we will be talking about today is the Dutch Hip Roof.  So, what is a Dutch hip roof? According to various … Read more

Shingling a Hip Roof – How to shingle a hip roof

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Contents How to shingle a hip roof? Shingling a hip roof on your own can help you save a lot of time and expenses. If you know exactly how to install shingles on a hip roof then you can surely achieve that much desired professional look. Getting your shingles redone on your hip roof would … Read more

Hip Roof Truss Framing

A hip truss roof is a kind of roof whose slides come with a gentle slope and it tends to slope down toward the walls. Hip roofs require an extremely complicated system of trusses and rafters. This kind of roof doesn’t have any vertical slides or gables.  Though in present days this kind of roof … Read more

Hip Roof Style Homes – Hip Style Roof

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Contents Hip style roof. For many people, getting the right kind of roof is a challenge they never quite understand; frankly, a lot of people don’t ever look into the style and the needed requirements of the roof. A hip style roof, though, is one kind of roof that everyone knows, recognizes, and probably fancies … Read more

Hip Roof Design and Construction

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Contents Hip roofs or so called hipped roofs are a special type of roof that has a very gentle slope at the sides with a downward pattern towards the side walls. According to a 2021 study by the National Association of Home Builders, approximately 60% of single-family homes in the United States have hip roofs. … Read more

Hip Roof House Plans

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Contents Hip roof plans are one of the most popular roof designs worldwide, if not the most popular one. Hip roof house plans come in a variety of designs and styles, and their main purpose is to add real architectural lines to the design of a house while offering amazing protection from the elements to … Read more

Hip Roof vs Gable Roof – Hip and Gable Roof

gable roof

Contents Hip and Gable Roof – When it comes to putting together your home and making sure that it looks the way that you had originally intended, you might find that the roof is one of the most challenging parts to deal with. For this reason, many people start to look into the various standard … Read more

How To Frame a Pyramid Hip Roof – Pyramid Roof

Contents A pyramid roof is one of the many variations of hip roofs. Hip roofs essentially lack gables or vertical sides. Just like the name suggests, a pyramid roof takes the shape of a pyramid and it is constructed on top of a square or a rectangular base. This kind of roof is suitable for … Read more

Hip Roof Barn

hip roof barn

Contents A hip roof barn, also known as a gambrel or simply a gambrel roof, refers to a roof with two symmetrical slopes on both sides. The lower slope is usually steeper than the upper slope. The design considerations in this type of roof make adequate provisions for maximum utilization of headspaces, living spaces and … Read more

Half Hip Roof Construction

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Contents A half hip roof is also known as a jerkin head roof or clipped gable. It is a variant of a hip roof depicting a small modification at the top of the gable. In a hip roof, all sides of the roof have a gentle slope towards the sides of the walls. It essentially … Read more