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Best Work Boots For Roofing in 2023

Best Work Boots For Roofing

Business Insider calls roofing the fourth-deadliest job in America! As anyone who has been working on a roof knows, you are dealing with all sorts of hazards. Uncertain slopes with little traction 10-12 feet above the ground while being exposed to electrical equipment, heat, dust, wind and many other environmental factors. Sometimes it may rain … Read more

Best Tool Belt For Roofing in 2023

Best tool belt for roofing

You know that roofing requires numerous tools to do even the most minor fix. You would be a fool not to have a reliable tool belt when you go up on that roof. A good tool belt saves time and simplifies your task. A great tool belt is comfortable to wear, provides plenty of storage … Read more

Best Sealant for Metal Roofing in 2023

best sealant for metal roofing

Last week, to my irritation, my metal roof started leaking! I tried to repair the roof by applying a regular sealant from my local hardware store. But after no time at all, the leak appeared again! This was a serious problem, so I immediately sought advice from a professional. The roofing expert told me how … Read more

Best Air Compressor For Roofing in 2023

best air compressor for roofing

If you’ve ever taken on DIY projects around your home in the past, you’re probably tired of the time it takes to hammer in each nail by hand. I know I was fed up after years of wasted time, so I went out and looked for an air compressor (better known as a nail gun) … Read more

Best Paint for Metal Roofing in 2023

I took up the task of painting my metal roof during the fall two years ago. I tried to use what I thought was the best paint available. When the summer rolled around, our home was boiling inside. We paid an outrageous electricity bill to keep the air conditioning cranked up high. I started to … Read more

Best Screws for Metal Roofing in 2023

Best Screws for Metal Roofing

Attention to detail is perhaps the most important rule in metal roofing. You can buy the best of materials but end up with a leaky roof if you don’t understand the simplest things like which kind of screw to use! One of the questions that I encounter a lot is: “what are the best screws … Read more

The Best and Most Effective Gutter Guards for 2023

One often overlooked facet of a house is the gutters. Many people either don’t think that they need to take care of their house’s gutters (at least more than they normally should), and some don’t even have an idea that they should. This is probably why the idea of gutter guards sounds foreign or even … Read more

The Best Caulking Guns in the Market Today

Caulk is a very useful that can be used for a myriad of reasons in and around the house. If you are looking to keep your house in tip top shape while also adding numerous benefits, you may be looking to buy the best caulking gun for your needs. For those that aren’t that familiar, … Read more

Choosing the Best Roofing Nailer for Roofing Repairs in 2023

If you look up, chances are you’ll see a roof over your head. These roofs are actually an integral part of human life. They provide defense against rain, snow, sleet, wind, heat, and so much more. In reality, the roof is an integral part of a home. It allows for people to live comfortably. This … Read more


Great post for types of roof vents. One of the most overlooked features of your roof is the roof vent. However, if you live in a climate with a lot of heat and moisture, they can play a very significant role in the cooling of your home. Their basic purpose is to remove hot air … Read more