How To Build A Roof Garden

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In the last few decades the idea of a living roof has really caught on. Building a roof garden is not as hard as you my imagine and in this article we are going to tell you everything about how to create a rooftop garden. Building a rooftop garden is the best alternative to enjoy … Read more

Residential Green Roof

Whenever you hear the sound of rain falling on your roof during a storm in the summer, you may also be hearing the sound of a missed opportunity to put your roof to better use. Many homeowners are discovering the immense importance of green roofing for their houses or simply covering the flat sections of … Read more

Roof Garden Construction Details

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Roof gardens are a little bit different from green roofs in the sense that roof gardens are generally created for entertainment and recreational activities and to create an outdoor living space for people living in the building. Green roofs are usually created for economic and environmental benefits and cover the whole roof area. Green roofs … Read more

Roof Garden Design Ideas

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Making a roof garden will definitely improve the quality of your house. It will not only make you put your hands into the soil, but also bring nature to your house. There are a number of benefits of having a rooftop garden in your house. First, it improves the life and longevity of your roof; … Read more

Types of Green Roofs

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When it comes to managing and preparing your home, one of the most important things to look into is the kind of roof that you are going to use. Naturally, the various roof types out there will give you the help that you need to decide, but have you ever thought about going for a … Read more

What Is a Green Roof

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Many of you may be well aware, but some must be thinking, “What are green roofs?” Let us shed some light on this. A green roof, also known as a living roof, is like an embedded system in which small plants and shrubs are grown on the roofs of buildings. Green roofs can be created … Read more

Roof Garden Plants

Before continuing with roof garden plants, let us shed some light on the concept of green roof gardens. Installing a roof garden is the best option for homes or buildings that do not have their own garden or that are situated in urban areas. The name “roof garden” depicts its meaning very well. Roof gardens … Read more

Rooftop Garden Ideas

Your dream home can look more attractive with little effort, and it will give you lifelong useful results. If you are constructing a new building and want to give it an attractive look then a beautiful green garden on the top floor can fulfill this goal. Even if you are not able to create a … Read more

Green Roof Definition

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Dealing with and managing various kinds of roofs is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging things that you need to deal with. A roof is a key part of your home, and ensuring that it can be managed and looked after in the right way is so important. A damaged roof will cause … Read more

Green Roof Shed Design

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Nowadays, our cities have become more and more crowded and big. With that, we are certainly losing the quality of our lifestyle and our homes, with a lack of access to gardens and green life scenery. Many people ask themselves if there is a way to keep the green in or near our homes. And … Read more

Houses With Green Roofs

A green roof house is a house whose roof is partially or completely covered with a growing medium upon which different types of vegetation have been planted. Sometimes they can feature a waterproofing membrane, a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems to enhance their functionality and increase the longevity of the roofing material. Green … Read more

Green Roof Architecture

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Nowadays, there is a new revolution of eco-friendliness embodied by so-called green roof architecture. This type of roof architecture is an innovative concept of eco-friendly design in urban areas. It minimizes the negative impact of any building construction materials as well as construction activities that harm our environment. This ‘green’ concept is also known as … Read more

Green Roof Plants

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Over the last few years, the ways in which we interact with our properties and the way that we manage them have changed entirely. Now, there seems to be a much more acute awareness about the significant problems of not doing enough to keep our bills down; as the financial pinch starts to really tell … Read more

Intensive Green Roof System

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Nowadays, green roofs are one of the most popular roof systems which not only add extra points to the design of a home or business area, but also alleviate urban environmental problems commonly associated with heat and storm water quantity and quality. But apart from that, intensive green roof systems as a part of the … Read more

How To Make A Green Roof

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A green roof is a specific type of roof arrangement over a building that is either partially or fully covered with growing medium, as well as vegetation; it is planted over a specially designed water proofing membrane that ensures protection to the tradition roof of a building. Green roofs are constructed by merging a number … Read more

How To Install A Green Roof

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What if your roof could become an oasis, much like your backyard? This is the opportunity a green roof offers. A green roof offers a sustainable option that will give you a living roof for a cost comparable to traditional shingles. This option also offers an environmentally friendly benefit for the cost. Installing a green … Read more

Green Roof Construction

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In the 21st century, a green roof structure can address many problems that urban residents usually face; these infrastructures present a highly beneficial option for building owners as well as community planners. A study of life cycle costing reveals that the cost of green roofs is much less than that of conventional roofing systems, and that … Read more

Extensive Green Roof

The extensive green roofing, or EGR, movement is taking hold quite strongly on a global level. The idea of green roofs is rooted in a quite ancient methodology; the concept is not exactly new. Scandinavian and Icelandic natives have used sod as the base insulating material for roofs for centuries. Even Tanzania has a history … Read more


Today, homeowners and businesses are consistently looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining efficient housing structures. One of the best new strategies that many properties are incorporating is a green roof. This style of roofing is not only integrated into the structure of the shingle system, but the plants that are … Read more

Green Roof Layers

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When you hear the term green roof, you probably think of something to do with or something similar, right? After all, green tech is becoming much bigger than ever before as we start to harness this fantastic power to benefit ourselves moving forward. However, the difference between “green” roofs and an actual green roof is … Read more