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Roof garden ideas. Your dream home can look more attractive with little effort, and it will give you lifelong useful results. If you are constructing a new building and want to give it an attractive look then a beautiful green garden on the top floor can fulfill this goal.

Even if you are not able to create a backyard on your property due to space constraints, a rooftop garden can help you to manage a dream garden where you can plant various colorful flowers and other plants.

If you have a roof then you can convert it into a green garden any time with a few simple but brilliant ideas.

You can nourish all your love for nature in this garden with collection of beautiful flowers, and the garden will provide an amazing look for your house with environmentally friendly construction.

These rooftop garden ideas are highly useful for urban areas where people have less space for gardening. These areas also may have reduced air quality due to the reduced number of trees and greenery.

If you are searching for a rooftop design idea then the information in this article can be very useful for you. Keep reading because you will be able to find a number of quality gardening ideas for urban rooftops.

  1. Edible Roof Garden</strong>

This is one of the most popular ideas to cultivate various edible seasonal plants on a rooftop; it can be more fruitful if you utilize proper knowledge of vegetables as well as edible flora.

These roof terrace garden ideas will not only fill your house with healthy veggies and fruits but can also work as a profitable business for families.

You can start with a few plants to see the results and if they grow properly then feel free to extend your gardening plan with other creative combinations of vegetables and edible oils.

  1. Pool Type Roof Garden

Many of you love spending time  around the pool during the peak summer season and it is the best play space for kids.

If you are lacking space on your property and cannot manage a pool on the ground, try a pool type roof garden. If you are able to structure it carefully while utilizing the complete space creatively then it will serve you as the best place to spend time  your family.

It can also work as a small rooftop garden because it will not take up much space, and even a small amount of attractive trees will meet your decoration requirements.

  1. Cedar Patio Type Rooftop Garden

A striking type of roof garden is a design using cedar patio furniture. It will keep you cool in the summer and be comfortable in other seasons as well.

This design is gaining popularity nowadays, as one can incorporate attractive greenery, small trees and some bright colored flowers to make it a dream design.

  1. Rooftop Garden with Lighted Ornamental Plants

If you are thinking of designing a rooftop with scenic beauty, some lighted ornaments will serve you best.

Add some properly cropped ornamental plants to the area and fit some attractive spot lights at different corners in unique colours. Creative lighting can be relaxing and romantic.

  1. Rooftop Kitchen

One of the most creative rooftop garden ideas is to install an open air kitchen with an amazing garden all around. It is the best option for barbeque lovers and they can install a well-furnished kitchen in this area in order to enjoy a pleasurable cooking experience.

  1. Cinema Incorporated Garden on Roof

If you love to spend your evening hours watching your favourite TV programs but also wish to enjoy cool weather outside, you can design a cinema type garden on your rooftop.

Here you can enjoy hours of time in an artistic environment while projecting the best movies on a wide screen.

  1. Rooftop Garden with Dining7

Having your dinner on a rooftop that is surrounded by beautiful greenery is an outstanding experience.

This natural touch will surely add more flavor to your food and the sweet smell of the garden will make you happy while enjoying dinner with family and friends.

You can add wooden pieces for a dining arrangement and place a spotlight with a muted colour shade that can give you a pleasurable experience.

  1. Carved and Sculpted Garden on Roof

For antique art lovers here is an awesome opportunity to create a sculpted and curved rooftop garden by incorporating attractive sculptures inside.

You can add various colorful flowers to your roof; it will give a beautiful appearance throughout the year with well-managed vegetation.

  1. Organic Rooftop Garden

Organic roof deck garden ideas have been gaining huge popularity in the last few years due to their various advantages.

Although this type of garden is a little difficult to construct  and maintain and demands more care from the owners, it works as a realistic approach and provides a classic touch to your house.

If you are really a garden lover then you must plant organic plants on your roof deck. It can also help you to run a small family business as organic produce is always popular.

  1. Rooftop Garden Ideas with Fish

One can also install a fish pond on a rooftop with various colorful flowers and green plants. It will give a pleasing look to your house and you will love spending the evening hours in this beautiful location.

Fish are good for houses as per mythological concepts and they are also loved by kids. If you worry about your kids’ security at public parks, they will enjoy playing at home all the time.

There are so many useful small roof garden ideas that are easy to implement, and one can later extend them up to different portions of the house.

If you are creative enough to play with natural beauty and can manage its unique effects in an apt manner then a rooftop garden becomes easy to maintain and grow. Here are a few tips for designing a garden on your rooftop:

  • First of all you need to identify the proper space for your in-house garden; it can also be managed on a balcony if you are running short on space. But if you have a large roof then you have the opportunity to implement much better plans.
  • For those who are thinking of growing a small garden on a balcony, use colorful flowers with long running vines that can spread to different corners of the house, covering the exterior of the building.
  • If you wish to design an attractive garden on a rooftop then you can reference photos from the internet that will guide you regarding the pattern of flower arrangements. Some people will enjoy the look of placing dark green plants on corner areas including walls, whereas others may prefer to spread greenery throughout the space. For a wide area it is good to expand greenery over walking spaces and plant some attractive flowers at the corners with attractive vines on walls.
  • You can add wooden furniture in this garden area to provide a graceful sitting arrangement, and you may wish to place a dining set in the garden as well. Rattan furniture is the best option for rooftop gardens as it provides a perfect combination with your naturally inspired arrangements.

Here is a list of plants that can be grown on a rooftop garden in order to give a perfect look to your roof garden plans:

Kousa Dogwood: This is an excellent selection for rooftop gardens because it can cover a large amount of space and is very attractive. These trees look awesome, with pink and white flowers at the peak spring season.

Blue Star Juniper: This plant shines like a blue star with skinny needles, it can grow up to 3 feet tall and provides a superior accent to the area.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress: Yellowish green colours with fanlike foliage are two well-known characteristics of the dwarf hinoki cypress plant. These plants take a long time for complete growth and demand a regular watering schedule with extended care.

Fanal Astilbe: This is the best option for shadier rooftop spots. It grows with lovely crimson flowers that usually blossom in the month of July. It grows up to one and a half feet tall and needs properly moist soil for normal growth.

Lavender: This plant is loved by all for its outstanding scent. Lavender looks amazing with its small height and lovely purple flowers. It can easily be grown inside containers as well as in full-fledged beds in a garden.

A creative person who really loves the beauty of nature can easily implement roof garden decoration ideas. It is the best way to give an amazing look to your house with an environmentally friendly construction and will also make a great place for your kids to spend time with nature.

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