Best Sealant for Metal Roofing in 2021

best sealant for metal roofing

Last week, to my irritation, my metal roof started leaking! I tried to repair the roof by applying a regular sealant from my local hardware store. But after no time at all, the leak appeared again! This was a serious problem, so I immediately sought advice from a professional. The roofing expert told me how … Read more

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?

How long does a metal roof last

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your existing roof, you should consider getting a metal roof. I remember the aggravation my old shingles used to cause me, and I’ve been much happier since I switched over to a metal roof. Metal roofs are gaining popularity across the United States with every passing day. They are … Read more

Best Paint for Metal Roofing in 2021

I took up the task of painting my metal roof during the fall two years ago. I tried to use what I thought was the best paint available. When the summer rolled around, our home was boiling inside. We paid an outrageous electricity bill to keep the air conditioning cranked up high. I started to … Read more

How Wide are Metal Roofing Sheets?

How Wide are Metal Roofing Sheets

Your old asphalt shingles aren’t doing you any favors. From increased maintenance to expensive installation costs, traditional roofing material just isn’t worth it anymore. If you are looking to change or improve your existing roof, then you should opt for metal roofing panels. These metal panels are durable and have a lifespan of more than … Read more

How To Cut 29 Gauge Metal Roofing?

How to cut 29 gauge metal roofing

Have you been thinking about changing your roof? Maybe you’ve grown tired of the maintenance required for your asphalt shingles. If you are looking to change your roof, you should opt for a metal roof as they are durable and lightweight. These roofs are a popular choice for homeowners nowadays and will protect you from … Read more

How To Install Metal Roofing On Mobile Home?

How to install roofing on mobile home

It’s a seller’s market out there. You’ve probably seen the ‘for sale’ signs popping up all over town. House prices are skyrocketing, and that might make you nervous about the prospect of finding affordable living arrangements. Even middle-class people are finding it difficult to buy a home these days. Increasing rent prices don’t help either. … Read more

How To Paint Metal Roofing?

How to paint metal roofing

Have you found yourself growing tired of the color of your metal roofing? Maybe your roof has been the same color for years, or perhaps the color is beginning to fade. As the old proverb goes, a change is as good as a rest, and a bright new color for your roof can leave you … Read more

How To Rust Galvanized Metal Roofing?

how to rust galvanized metal roofing

Metal roofs are a popular modern choice for owners because of their durability and longevity. They protect homes from harsh environmental conditions. You might have considered getting metal roofs for your home, but perhaps you don’t like the blue, white or red paint typical of metal roofs. Maybe you want a roof with a sophisticated … Read more

26 vs. 29-Gauge Metal Roofing

26 vs. 29-Gauge Metal Roofing

You’re tired of the constant maintenance of your old roof. You’re thinking about getting a new long-term roof. You’re looking for something that’s not only cost-efficient but also durable, long-lasting and stylish. Does this sound like you? If so, metal roofing is a smart decision and the answer to your roofing problems. Metal roofs are … Read more

How Many Screws per Square for Metal Roofing

How Many Screws per Square for Metal Roofing

The fun part of being in the roofing industry is that answers to questions keep changing every few years. I remember that there used to be a time when everyone would suggest placing the screws on the ridge rather than in the valley. These days, people have changed their minds completely on screw placement. It’s … Read more

Best Screws for Metal Roofing in 2021

Best Screws for Metal Roofing

Attention to detail is perhaps the most important rule in metal roofing. You can buy the best of materials but end up with a leaky roof if you don’t understand the simplest things like which kind of screw to use! One of the questions that I encounter a lot is: “what are the best screws … Read more

How to Install Metal Roofing Around Vents?

How to Install Metal Roofing Around Vents

I have been doing roofing all my life, ever since I was a boy. My dad was into roofing, and I used to accompany him on his jobs, helping out the old man with anything he needed ever since I was ten years old. Many people ask me questions about roofing, and one of the … Read more

How To Screw Down Metal Roofing?

How To Screw Down Metal Roofing

One of the biggest problems on a metal roofing installation is incorrectly fastening the . Correctly securing the screws could be the difference between a leaky roof and one that weathers heavy rainfall without breaking a sweat. Your roof may have thousands of screw penetrations. Many times, I find that are not installed straight or … Read more

Best Placement for Screws in Metal Roofing in 2021

Best Placement for Screws in Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are very trendy right now as they add durability and beauty to houses. They come in different colors and sizes. But one of the most notorious weaknesses of having a metal roof is not having a proper installation process. Incorrectly placing the  in the metal roof in the installation process could cause thousands … Read more


standing seam

You’ve probably been driving through a residential neighborhood and seen an absolutely beautiful metal roof on a home. You might have even wondered, “How much does metal roofing cost?” The good news is that it is relatively easy to answer that question, as long as you know a few key variables. For example, there is … Read more


corrugated metal roof

For many homeowners, installing a corrugated metal roof on a garage, shed or patio cover is an easy DIY weekend project that can immediately add some design flair. This is especially true since the dips and swells of the corrugated metal come in different widths and shapes. In most cases, the corrugated metal roofing will … Read more


roof paper

Installing a standing seam metal roof can be a great way to improve the value of your home and protect it against the natural elements. Moreover, a standing seam metal roof can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. Before starting this project, however, be aware that a standing seam metal roof installation can be … Read more


Metal roofs are very durable with a long expected lifespan; however, due to storm damage or rust, they may occasionally need repair. If you suspect that there is a leak in your metal roof, then you may need to make a repair. Your goal is to make any repairs before the water damage affects the … Read more

How To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

Homeowners looking to replace an aging roof have two basic options: they can either strip off the old roof and replace it with a new asphalt roof, or they can install metal roofing over the existing asphalt shingles. Unless building codes require it, there is usually no need to tear off the old roof. Installing … Read more


roofing panels

There are many reasons to install metal roofing, such as adding durability to your home and helping to reduce energy costs. They also last much longer than an asphalt roof. Related post: How long does a metal roof last? In many cases, it makes sense to remove an old or dilapidated roof and install a … Read more