How To Install Metal Roofing On Mobile Home?

It’s a seller’s market out there. You’ve probably seen the ‘for sale’ signs popping up all over town. House prices are skyrocketing, and that might make you nervous about the prospect of finding affordable living arrangements. Even middle-class people are finding it difficult to buy a home these days. Increasing rent prices don’t help either.


There’s a solution to this problem that you may not have considered – mobile homes. Mobile homes are much cheaper than traditional homes, and despite many misconceptions surrounding them, mobile homes are quite affordable, comfortable, and increasingly trendy. You can often buy a mobile home outright without the need to take on a mortgage for decades.

One of the most important things to look for when buying a mobile home is a good, sturdy roof. Metal roofs are ideal for mobile homes, as they are durable and robust. If your new mobile home doesn’t have a metal roof, don’t worry! You can easily install a new metal roof on your mobile home. You are probably wondering how to install metal roofing on a mobile home? Read on to find the detailed answer to your question.

What Are Metal Roofs?

Metal roofs usually consist of layers of different metals. The most popular metals which manufacturers use for metal roofing are aluminum, zinc, copper, steel, and tin.

Many people prefer to have galvanized steel metal roofing because these types of metal roofs are economical. Galvanized steel roofing is steel with a layer of zinc. The manufacturers use zinc to protect your metal roof from corrosion. If you properly install them, they can last 50 years or more. Metal roofing doesn’t require much maintenance, but you’ll need to repaint it every few years to maintain your steel roofing.

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Tin roofing is outdated now. Metal roofing made completely out of tin is not very common. Nowadays, people use tin coated with steel on their roofing to protect their metal roofs from rust. Copper is quite expensive, but it does not need any coating at the time of installation, which is a great advantage.

Copper roofing can last 200 years! Can you imagine? You are investing your money in a copper metal roof only once in your life and it will last for 200 years. Metal roofing is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Aluminum is another great choice for your metal roofing, as it is very light. Aluminum roofing is also durable and not susceptible to rust. Aluminum metal roofs are ideal in locations that receive acid rain. The aluminum metal roofing will act as a protective barrier for your house.

Zinc metal roofing is also a great choice – if you properly install it, the metal roof can last for 80-100 years.

Benefits Of Metal Roofs On Your Mobile Home

If you have a mobile home, then you should learn about the advantages of a metal roof on your home. Here I will quickly summarize the benefits of metal roofing for dummies.

#1. Lifespan

If you properly install a metal roof on your mobile home, it can last for 50-70 years or longer, depending on the type of metal your roof is made out of.

#2. Durability

If you use a metal roof on your mobile home it can withstand snow, rain, ice, and other environmental conditions. Some metal roofs can even withstand wind speeds of 140mph. If you install a quality metal roof on your mobile home you will be safe regardless of the harsh weather conditions raging outside. To find out more about durability, head over to our other post on how long does a metal roof last.

#3. Reduce Electricity Bill

Metal roofs are energy efficient. They reflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cool. You can install solar panels in some metal roofs to have clean and green energy to run your electrical appliances like your television, washing machine, refrigerator and more. Indirectly, your metal roof on mobile homes will reduce your electricity bills by allowing you to set up clean, renewable energy.

#4. Fire-Resistant

Most metal roofs are highly fire-resistant. You won’t need to worry about them catching fire.

#5. Varied Styles And Colors

Metal roofs are available in various styles and patterns. You have countless options for color, and you can choose one according to your aesthetic preferences. You should make sure that the color of your roof is the same as the color of the sides of your home or else it will not look as pleasing. Try to choose a neutral color that compliments the sidewalls of your mobile home.

How Much Money Do You Need To Install Metal Roof On A Mobile Home?

For a single-wide mobile home, a metal roof on a mobile home will cost approximately $1000 to $2000. For a double-wide, it will cost you between $1800 and $3000.

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If you add a layer of insulation, the price will be higher. It’s not mandatory to add insulation, but a layer of insulation on your roof will protect your mobile home from extreme rain and wind. Another bonus of adding insulation is that the energy efficiency and lifespan of your roof will increase. In my opinion, you should add a layer of insulation while installing a metal roof on a single wide or double wide mobile home. The advantages far outweigh the extra costs.

If you add insulation on a single wide mobile home, you will need to spend between $3000 and $4000. If you want to add insulation to a double-wide mobile home, then the price will be in the range of $7000 to $8000.

It’s a one-time investment, so don’t cut costs! You won’t need to add a layer of insulation over and over again.

How To Install Metal Roof On Mobile Home?

If you have a single-wide mobile home, you must consider the process of installing metal roofing on a single wide mobile home. You’ll need to follow these 7 simple steps to install metal roofing. It may seem tricky, but it’s quite simple.

Those who have a double-wide mobile home must also consider the process of installing a metal roof on a double-wide mobile home. The steps are almost identical for installing a metal roof on single-wide and double-wide mobile homes, the only difference is to take account of the differences in area. The price per square foot is less for a single-wide mobile home than a double-wide mobile home.

Follow the steps below to install your brand new metal roof properly on your mobile home.

#1. Take Safety Precautions

You prioritize safety while installing a metal roof. You should wear goggles and gloves while working on the roof and wear appropriate shoes during installation. Make sure that there are no electrical cables on your roof. Make sure you have a secure ladder reaching from the base of your home to your roof so that you can quickly and easily climb down if there are any problems.

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#2. Select Metal

There are various types of metal roofing. Different metals like copper, tin, aluminum, steel and zinc are all available on the market. You need to select the correct type of metal for your geographical location and pocketbook.

#3. Measure Roof

Measuring the roof is a crucial step because you can purchase metal for the roof only after knowing the square footage of your roof. If you have a gable roof then start by measuring from the rake of your roof to the edge of your eaves. This distance can tell you the length of your roof. For the width, you’ll need to measure one side of your roof to the other side. You should also include the eaves of your roof while calculating width.

Once you know your roof’s length and width, you can multiply them together to calculate the area. You now have the area on one side of your roof. To calculate the area of both sides of the roof, you’ll need to multiply the area of one side by two. This will give you the total square footage of your roof. Increase this number by 10%, as you may find yourself needing extra metal when you begin installing the new roof.

While purchasing the metal panels, try to buy long panels which will cover the ridge to the eaves of your roof. You’ll avoid seams by doing this. Make sure you’re buying screws along with the metal, as you will need them during installation. Make sure to match the color of the screws with your metal panels.

#4. Remove Old Roof

You need to remove the old roof from your mobile home. Once you remove the old roof, you can investigate flashing and sheathing. If there are any problems, use this opportunity to repair them. If you see large nails jutting out of your roof, be sure to hammer them in. It’s best to install a roofing underlayment that will protect your roof from all types of weather.

Various types of roofing underlayment are available in the market, like rubberized asphalt or asphalt-saturated felt. Choose whichever underlayment meets your needs. Some metal used for roofing can expand or contract depending on weather conditions, so make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while installing metal roofs on your mobile home.

#5. Install Drip Edge

You should install a drip edge on the edge of your roof. A drip edge is essential because overhanging metal panels direct the water from your roof to the gutter. A drip edge will prevent your metal panels from sagging or cracking.

For installation, you will need nails of less than 2 inches. You need to nail the drip edge approximately every 16 inches. Once you install the drip edge on all sides of your roof then you can add sealant tape.

#6. Add New Roof

You need to align the first metal panel, which will overlap the edge of your roof by one-fourth inch. The metal panels will all overlap each other. The best pattern for overlapping is for the larger edge of each panel to overlap the smaller edge of the next panel. You should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while installing metal roofs on your mobile home.

You should fasten each screw properly but don’t over-tighten them. The washer should seal the surface of the metal roof. Use silicone sealant on the short edge of each panel. The larger edge of the metal panel will overlap the shorter edge of another panel. Each of your metal panels will seal each other because of silicone sealant, which will act as an adhesive.

Repeat this process until you completely cover your roof. You may need to cut some of the metal panels to get the correct angles. If you need to cut a metal panel, use a circular saw.

#7. Install Ridge Cap

In this final, crucial step, you will install a ridge cap. A ridge cap will make your roof more energy-efficient and aid in keeping the temperature of your home balanced. It consists of strips that need to be installed on the ridge portion of your roof. The roof’s ridge refers to the peak where the slopes of the two sides of your rof meet.

There are two types of ridge cap. One is a solid closure ridge cap, and the other is a vented closure ridge cap. The solid closure caps consist of dense foam material. They are available in 3 feet portions and act as an air or water barrier for your roof. The solid closure ridge caps are designed so that they interlock with the next cap.

If your roof ridge is a vent type then you will use a vented ridge cap. These act as a barrier for your roof and prevent bugs or hot air from entering your mobile home.

Once you select the ridge cap, you’ll need to clean the metal roofs to ensure there is no dust and dirt on the roof. The roofs are usually more than 12 feet, but the ridge caps are either 12 feet or less than 12 feet. You will need to overlap them. While overlapping, apply a silicone sealant 2 inches from inside the ridge cap. You need to make sure each ridge cap is overlapped 6 inches.

Fasten the screws properly on your ridge cap as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Lastly, you should cut the last ridge cap properly so that it is under the overlap of the previous ridge cap. Cutting the final ridge cap isn’t mandatory, but it will make your mobile home more aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile Home Metal Roof Over Kit

A mobile home roof over kit is an easy installation method if you need to add new material over your old roof. You will first need to repair the damage to your existing roof. A roof over kit will increase energy efficiency and add aesthetic value to your mobile home. These kits will increase the resale value of your mobile home. If you plan to have a mobile home roof over kit for a single-wide mobile home, it will cost approximately $1000 to $3500. For a double-wide, it will cost you between $1000 to $4500.

Roof over kits come in various materials such as rubber, metal or asphalt. You should choose the metal roof over kit because they are durable and withstand harsh weather conditions. Let’s say a tree or large branches falls on the metal roof – it won’t be an issue for you. The weight of the mobile home roof over kit should not exceed 190lbs per square foot.

Can you handle the mobile home roof over kit yourself or will you need the help of a professional? After purchasing the kit, read the manufacturer’s guidelines. Then decide whether you can do it on your own or if you need to seek a professional’s help. For an asphalt mobile home roof over kit, you will probably need to hire a professional, but for an aluminum roof over kit, you can easily install it on your own.


If you are currently in a traditional home, shifting to a mobile home may be a daunting prospect. You will need to decide where to park your mobile home permanently, among other considerations. The reduced cost of a mobile home makes these considerations well worth it.

More people are switching to mobile home living every year, and owning a mobile home is a great opportunity for middle-class people to become proud new property owners.

The roof plays an essential role in a mobile home. If your roof has experienced leaks and cracks you want to change your roof, or if you simply want a new durable, cost-efficient roof from your home, you must consider installing metal roofing on a mobile home. Just follow the 7 simple steps listed above and you will have a brand new metal roof for your mobile home.

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