Before deciding to change your roof, or replace it, assure first the safety of the working environment. Be sure that it will bring no harm especially to children or even pets. Be organized. Take a look at your surrounding and identify if there would be any danger in the site. Look if there are power lines or any hazards that you might encounter in the process so you can avoid it.

Before the construction, remove all things hanging in your wall and materials that are loose from the shelves. If you have vehicle, park it away, safe from the construction site. If there is the presence of pools, cover it. Remove any materials at home that can be damage.

If the site is already secured, you can now start with the construction.

  • Tear the roof and prepare the roof deck. This can be considered as the most important task. Tearing the roof can help you see the problems that need to be fixed. It might be the woods that had rotten, Boards that cracked, as well as deck that can’t hold nails anymore.
  • Install the roof foundation. Be sure it’s in good quality so to assure a good quality of roof system.
  • Safeguard the areas which are vulnerable by means of leak barrier installment.
  • Install next the starter strip shingles. Be sure it is properly installed because most of the time it is the reason for roofing failures. It serves as first in line in the wind defense.
  • Take also in consideration the proper nailing. Problems in the future might result from nailing errors like the under-driven nails. The location, type, force and angle of application should be properly taken care. Nailing might took you some time, if you do the job properly.
  • The next to do is to install shingles. Shingles does not just serve as the protector but also help in beautifying your home.
  • Install the valleys. Being precise in installing is important since this the part of the roof is where the slope met.
  • Install flashing. This is done to avoid water seepage in the intersection area of the roof.
  • Install the Ridge Vents. Decide for the proper vent and how much ventilation is needed. In working with this, be sure to have safety equipment to avoid falling or any injury.
  • Install ridge cap shingles. This will be for finishing touches with your roof. But aside from that, it will also protect the areas of your roof that are vulnerable. In performing this, you will be at the highest point of the roof- the ridges and the hips- so better have safety equipment.
  • After you have installed all the parts and done making finishing touches, you can now clean the site. Don’t leave the place in mess. Collect the left out materials especially the nails that might fall in the ground, Shingles and asphaltic underlayment. This materials can be recycled and so can help you money if you needed it some other times.

Doing the roofing yourself might take you a lot of effort and consume lot of your time. There are lots of things to consider before knowing how long you will do the job but if you doubt yourself, and have no time there are the roofing contractors that are expert in the field and will do the job more efficient and quick.