Types of Green Roofs

This article is all about types of green roofs. When it comes to managing and preparing your home, one of the most important things to look into is the kind of roof that you are going to use.


Naturally, the various roof types out there will give you the help that you need to decide, but have you ever thought about going for a different type of roof? For example, going for a green roof?

Green roofs are a very important and effective kind of roof that basically replaces all the tar, concrete and material with a garden.

The greenery is put on top of a strong and safe foundation that will ensure you aren’t going to have any problems with flooding or things falling through.

This is set up on a wide range of different styles and designs that will ensure you are left with a great way to give yourself a bit of extra support moving forward with the quality of your home and how it looks in general.

The various green roof types, though, can be quite confusing, and they will leave you chasing around for lots of info.

Making the wrong choice can give you a bit of problems, ensuring that you’ll have lots of issues in dealing with things later on down the line and also getting the kind of support that you would have hoped for in keeping your roof in the best shape possible.

So, what kind of types of green roofs exist for you to choose from?



The first of the different types of green roofs we want to look at will include an extensive green roof.

Designed for those who want a bit of environmental help along the way, this is one of the most popular types of green roof systems, offering an easy, effective and rather low-maintenance selection that many people will be happy to go with.

They are easy to use and tend to use around 3-6” of lightweight growing medium, ensuring that the whole thing turns out the way that it was supposed to in the first place.

Typically, these selections make perfect sense for large, flat-roofed buildings and apartment blocks that want a garden without the depth and style that many would typically be going for if they wanted to get something like this installed. It’s also a good fit for low-sloped roofs and retrofit styles.

The plants tend to be quite succulent and styled, and will usually be using a desert-style grass that isn’t too over the top and gives the plants plenty of room to breathe.

They do not require watering after just one year and it will give you an easy way to give you the help that you need to feel comfortable with your new garden setup.


Semi-intensive green roofs are another part of the green roof types that we’ll be taking a look at. These are typically a mix of both extensive and intensive (below) and will give you that wonderful “best of both worlds” style.

The combination that you get in this kind of solution will give you the help that you need in getting used to the whole thing.

These tend to have both the benefits of each style, with the environmental benefits of a green roof added in there. As far as green roof types go, this is one of the more impressive styles that you can pick from.

If you want something that looks grand with a lot of different styles and colors added in, this is probably the kind of roof that you want to start with.

They look classy and clear, and ensure that your semi-intensive roof will have the range it needs whilst also having the help that you need to take the job a step further in terms of design and style.

Overall, this kind of green roof type will suit you and ensure that you have the format you need without going too far overboard in one direction or the other.

This hits the spot and makes the perfect choice for things like urban areas, daycare play locations and long-term care facilities.


This kind of green roof type will give you 8-12” of grass, which tends to grow at a medium pace.

As far as the various forms of green roofs and green roof systems, this will ensure that you get the help that you need in getting something a bit more landscaped and a bit heavier in terms of the depth of appearance.

It is made for those who have the time and the mindset to put in fully landscaped roof top gardens as well as those who don’t mind the regular maintenance that something like this would require.

It will be more similar to a traditional garden in that it will need hard work and preparation to get you to where you want to be along the way.

It makes good sense for those who want to add things like walkways and lighting to a roof area whilst doing it in a natural, free format.

The diverse plants and trees that are added in can be planted in this kind of garden. This makes it nice and easy for you to get the kind of help that you need in getting used to the style.

It’s suitable for both parks, playgrounds and vegetable gardens thanks to the diversity of everything included.

So, now that you can see what kind of green roof types exist, you can work out what the different types of green roofs are and how they all work out for you. The various types of green roof systems have their own pros and cons, so what will you go with?

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