How to Connect a Porch Roof to a House?

How to Connect a Porch Roof to a House

We all desire to own a house, and we work hard to achieve this goal. A house is not just its four walls. You need the special spaces in your house which make the difference between your house your home Sometimes home is as much the places outside the four walls as within. The lawn … Read more

How To Measure A Roof

gable roof

We’ve gather that most valuable info on how to measure a roof. If you are thinking of installing a new roof or adding new shingles to your roof, you will need to know the precise dimensions of your roof. The closer you can get to an exact number when measuring roof area, the more you … Read more



How to build a shed roof step by step? –  Well, for many homeowners, a backyard shed is the perfect storage place for tools and gardening supplies. It can even function as an auxiliary workspace. After determining where to place the shed and its approximate size, the next question on the minds of many homeowners … Read more

Felting A Shed Roof – Roof felting

Roof felting – A great way to weatherproof your garden shed or tool shed is by applying felt to the roof. When you install roof felt as part of a DIY weekend project, you must ensure that each row of felt is flat on the surface and that there is plenty of overlap between each … Read more

Green Roof Shed Design

green roof shed

A great post about green roof shed. Well, nowadays, our cities have become more and more crowded and big. With that, we are certainly losing the quality of our lifestyle and our homes, with a lack of access to gardens and green life scenery. Many people ask themselves if there is a way to keep … Read more

Shed Roof Pitch

Shed Roof Pitch

Shed roof pitch. While there is a wide range of roof pitches and styles that usually work fine in most locations, several factors are still to be considered to ensure the right pitch is used for a particular project. For a shed roof pitch, there are definitely site-specific elements such as aesthetics and local climate … Read more

Shingling a shed roof

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This articles focuses on shingling a shed roof. The true asset of any house is the roof. A house minus a roof is nothing except a three sided open place which fails to provide the appropriate shelter. Just like the hairs are to the body, the roof is to the house and therefore it should … Read more

How to make simple roof truss for shed

Simple roof truss for shed. Trusses are built for a sound roofing system on various buildings, but in simple projects like a shed, a truss can be built without the need for any engineering requirements and just  simply some lumber. Flat trusses are the most common type of roof truss, accounting for 30% of the … Read more