T-lock shingles – an effective, all you need to know guide!

A view of T-lock shingles on a house roof.

T-lock shingles were highly sought after in their prime, especially by contractors and builders in high wind areas. But as time went on, manufacturers started making less of these roof shingles till they were gradually phased off. Why did this happen?  Should you be worried if your house has T-lock shingles? Can they still withstand … Read more

Why Asphalt Roofs are perfect for you!

While there are different roofing options available today, asphalt roofs are the most commonly used of the various options. Asphalt roofs are highly versatile and affordable, hence why they are adopted by most homeowners today. In the early 20th century, they were introduced as a replacement and improvement for wooden roofs, which were not as … Read more

All About Cedar Shake Roof: A Roofing Masterpiece

Are you looking for a bespoke roofing choice for your new building, or are you interested in transforming your present roof to a more sophisticated option? Then cedar shake roofs are a great option to consider. Cedar shake roofs are simply roofs made from premium quality wood, mostly cedar.  They provide rustic, earthy finesse to … Read more

A comprehensive look at Wood shingle Roofs

Cedr Shake Roof

In many parts of the world, wood shingle roofing is a premium roofing system used to provide homes with the perfect rustic look. Wood shingles are roofing materials that are obtained by sawing blocks of wood. They were a common feature in the early 20th century, and they are still widely used even today. With … Read more

Shingling a shed roof

roofing paper

This articles focuses on shingling a shed roof. The true asset of any house is the roof. A house minus a roof is nothing except a three sided open place which fails to provide the appropriate shelter. Just like the hairs are to the body, the roof is to the house and therefore it should … Read more

Most popular Roof shingle colors

roof shingle color

Roof shingle colors – When it comes to home DIY, it’s pretty safe to say that not everybody is an expert and not everybody is quite as capable as they may like others to believe. As far as essential parts of your home are concerned, arguably your roof is the most essential of all as … Read more

How to replace roof shingles

shingle glue

Home repairs are generally done on a per need basis. However, maintaining the roof in good condition is vital to keeping your family and home safe and sound. Shingles are your first line of defense on the roof against the elements. So, it is crucial that you repair or replace them as and when the … Read more

Shingling a roof

shingle a roof

Contents Shingling a roof. When it comes to home construction, it’s pretty safe to say that unless you’re a trained professional, certain jobs and tasks can be a little tricky if you perform them yourself. That is why so many people opt to pay a professional to do the job instead. Shingling a roof for … Read more

How to install architectural shingles

new shingle

How to install architectural shingles – Roofing is hard, hot and really a dangerous job, but as a homeowner you can save thousands of dollars if you know how to shingle a roof with architectural shingles. This process will help you improve the looks of your home up to its full extent.  An architectural shingle … Read more

How to reshingle a roof

new shingle

Contents How to reshingle a roof? Reshingling a roof can be an easy task as long as you have the right guide that can help you. Following these steps religiously can certainly aid you in accomplishing s this task effectively. This article will give you the right insights and tips on how you can successfully … Read more

Types of roof shingles

asphalt shingle

Contents Types of roof shingles. – Maybe you’re thinking about increasing the value of your house before a potential sale, or maybe you’re looking to do some routine maintenance on your roof before the weather gets colder. In either case, you’re going to have to know about the different types of shingles. Some roofing shingles … Read more

Solar roof shingles

solar roof tiles

Contents The cost of solar roof shingles has decreased significantly, and this roofing solution is quickly becoming an accessible way for people to outfit their homes or businesses with solar power. Solar roof shingles are a panel which is available in a wide range of prices. While the panels look the same as a typical … Read more

Metal roof vs shingles

metal roof vs shingles

This article is all about metal roof vs shingles. A roof is the most distinguished, important and visible part of every home. That’s why in deciding on a roofing system it’s essential to consider the material. In choosing the roofing system that you will use, it’s important to ask for help from a professional who … Read more

Composition roof shingles

Contents Composition roof – A roof doesn’t just serve to keep the elements and weather at bay; it is also a very important structural component of any building because it provides protection for the entire structure. Selecting the right roof design can make a big difference in the final outlook of your building. If you … Read more