How to install architectural shingles

How to install architectural shingles – Roofing is hard, hot and really a dangerous job, but as a homeowner you can save thousands of dollars if you know how to shingle a roof with architectural shingles.

This process will help you improve the looks of your home up to its full extent.  An architectural shingle is a quality roofing material which is very popular nowadays. This material is also known as dimensional or laminated shingles.

Today, these architectural shingles are used in replacing roof shingles of many homes.  It comes in a variety of styles, textures and colors.

Some of these materials are made in such way that it gives a three-dimensional appearance. Typically, installation of these architectural roof shingles involves nailing though some have interlocking tabs in addition to the former ability.

In addition, this type of shingles is designed to make your home look more appealing. But the question is how to roof using this type of shingle? Well, this article aims to help you learn how to roof a house with architectural shingles.

It will not only guide you on the installing process, but will also give you more information about this roofing material.

In installing architectural roof shingles, the following materials are needed:

These materials are important elements in replacing your roof with architectural shingles. Having such materials will not only make your work easier and faster, but it will help you install shingles approximately perfectly without any problems.

Proper installation of architectural roof shingles in your home

Installing architectural roof shingles takes time, but doing it yourself can help you save money in hiring a roofer who will do the installation. To do that, here are the series of steps that you can take to help you how to install architectural shingles in your home.

  • To start the process, you need to first get a copy or permit of the local building code for roofing in your area. This copy is very important, especially for roofing. The building code copy is available on your county website or in your city. The copy tells about the roof pitch, snow loads and wind ratings in your location. These records are very important that it can help you determine the numbers of roofing nails that are required in each architectural shingles you need to for the installation. Also, knowing the ratings of wind will dictate to you where your roof shingles overlap. Because of this, make sure that your roofing is good. This is made possible by getting a copy of your local code, which is very necessary.
  • Prepare all the materials needed in the shingles roofing installation process. After you have done this and read the copy of your local building code, it is time for you to prepare and ready all the important materials needed. Make sure that you first check the materials before you decide to start the process to avoid any problems. You can ask one of your family members to help you prepare those materials.
  • If you are planning to place new architectural roof shingles over an old or existing roof, make sure that it is not  more than one cover of architectural shingles on your roof. Before you place any new shingles in your roof, you need to first inspect the old existing shingles for any roofing nails. Looking at nails in each of the old shingles will help you find the nails needed to be removed and you will know if it is loose already. Also, you need to sweep those existing shingles to clean and remove loose roofing nails and other debris materials that may cause an accident to you and may interrupt your work.
  • If you noticed that your existing roof shingles are badly deteriorated or totally old, or there is more than 1 cover of roof shingles, you have to remove the existing ones. Having more than one layer of shingles can affect the total appearance of your roof. Because of this, it is better that you only use a single layer of shingles. The underlayment shingles will probably be unusable if there is more than one cover of architectural roofing or if your roof has existing leaks.  To make the replacement more perfect, remove the underlayment.

Remove the Old Shingles

  • Check the deck of your roof for soundness. In order to hit how to install architectural shingles properly, you need to check its decking. On this account, make sure that it is durable and it has no water damage or rot. Any areas that have damage should also be removed and replaced with new ones. Install new underlayment in the covering rows, starting from its bottom and working up. This process is also important on how to roof a valley with architectural shingles and it will help you prevent your roof from water leaks.

Cover large holes

  • Start installing at the outer and lower edge of your roof. Apply a cover of starter architectural shingles. You can cut the layered edge of architectural roof shingles and use the cut flat piece as your starter roof single. After that, correctly positionthe first shingle and properly snap a line of chalk across the roof to mark the top layer of the shingles. Mark a chalk on subsequent roof layers upward.  Allow the roof shingles to overhang on the roof for about 1/8 inches. The chalk line is your guide to where you will position the shingles on your roof. Having a line in installing new architectural roof shingles will make your work easier and faster.
  • Architectural roof shingles and tabbed shingles are both roof shingles, but when it comes to nails, they are different. In architectural shingles, you need to use longer nails to get through the thicker portion of the shingle. Also, you need to make sure that you are nailing on the thicker portion of shingles rather than on the upper part. So, before you install shingles, make sure that you know what you need to do. But, there is no need to worry about it because the manufacturer of architectural shingles will provide you clear instructions on each package of shingles as to what nail pattern will you should use. So, it is better that before you decide to use this type of roof material, you read first the instructions. That would prevent you from messing up later.
  • Overlap layouts are also included with the roof shingles. If not, you may begin on the second layer of shingles by cutting six inches off of the first roof shingles. While on the 3rdroof shingles outside, you will need to have twelve inches cut off. This will offset where the architectural shingles join so that you do not have matching seems on overlapping rows. However, make sure that shingles should be properly cut to avoid any problem and waste of time.
  • Work up in a diagonal pattern. To make a diagonal pattern, you can use a nail gun. This roofing method is faster compared to hand nailing. But in using a nail gun, do not put too much pressure on it because it may cause crack on the shingle. A crooked nail head and too little pressure could also damage the architectural overlapping shingles. So when using such tools you need to be careful.

Install New Shingles

  • Finally, install the standard architectural shingles.  Install the ridge cap shingles along the roof peak. These run opposite the roof shingles and overlap the upper layer of shingles on each side of roof. On a sloped peak, work from the bottom to up. After that, nail down all the new shingles of your roof.  Before you go down, check the results of what you have done. You can now enjoy the new appearance of your roof with architectural shingles.

Secure the Shingle Ridge Cap

Now that you have an idea on how to shingle a hip roof with architectural shingles, you can now do replace and install new shingles in your roof by applying the above processes. This information will not only make your work faster, but gives you a good result of your work.

In addition to the information above, you must also know that architectural roof shingles vs asphalt are both suitable in making your roof more appealing. Also, they are both properly constructed.

Aside from that, both types of roof singes come in a wide variety of colors which surely match your trim and roof siding.

But for most people today, they prefer to use an architectural roof because of its characteristics. It is much stronger than asphalt shingles and comes in variety of styles, colors and textures.

But before installing roof shingles, you need also to choose architectural roof shingles colors carefully according to your needs and personal preference.  Also, purchase roof shingles from a reputable wholesaler in your area for your own safety as well.

By making educated choices of roof shingles for your home, you can assure of your maximized safety. Paying attention with the above information will make your work easier and more convenient for your living.


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