Metal Porch Roof

The metal porch roof can accord a perfect remodeling option for the front side of your home.


Whether you have an amazing backyard landscape area in your house or simply have a small patio place outside the building, the porch roof installation is not only a low cost option, but it also adds to the real estate value of the property alongside beautifying the outdoor premises.

Metal Porch Roof Design

The porch roof has to be very appealing to enhance the appearance of your home exteriors. The roof design you choose has to be consistent with the rest of the building.

You have widespread options in terms of design of the metal roof porch covers, including vertical seam panels, shingle tiles, shingle slates, metal shakes and much more.

There is a lot of difference in terms of design for metal roofing depending upon the position of the porch area- front and back.

The backyard porch covering the garden area can be ordinary and mainly remains limited to personal usage. The front side porch should have an elegant design matching the pattern of construction of house.

For rain prone areas, slanting porch roofs offer great durability and convenience of drainage of water from the rooftop.


Choice of Material for Metal Porch Roof

The metal porch roofing can be of any of the following types:

  • Vertical Seam Panels: These are metallic panels installed in vertical seams
  • Stamped Metal Roofing: This type of metal roofing can have an appearance identical to states, clay tiles and even cedar shakes.
  • Corrugated Metal Roofing:It is lightweight, hard, durable and resistive to strong winds. This type of roofing material is suitable for slanting slope roof types.
  • Steel/ Stainless Steel: Steel and stainless steel metal roofing is very common in many homes. They are suitable for sustaining different weather adversities, are fire resistant, act as a supreme heat reflector and guarantee extreme durability.
  • Copper: Copper is a relatively expensive metal but offers a remarkable patina finish with the passage of Characterized with negligible corrosion consequences, they are lightweight, fire resistant and durable.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is also a lightweight and non-corrosive material suitable for homes in hail prone areas.
  • Insulated Metal Roofing Panels: These are heavy weight roofing materials compared to other forms of metallic options. They are expensive and require specialized professionals to complete the installation process.


The metal roof on a porch can provide a shaded area where you can keep small seating arrangements for the guests or family outdoor relaxation. Check out the points mentioned below to learn how to build a metal porch roof.

Step-1: Foundation for the Porch Roof Installation

Independent of the choice of roofing material, it is essential to lay a robust deep concrete foundation for firm positioning and durability of your metal roof. The nature of the foundation will depend upon the design of your roof, material and other factors.

Digging Holes and Post Installation

Dig deep holes into the ground to place the posts. The holes should be 1/3rd deep in height as the length of the posts. Place the posts and cover well with concrete to keep them strongly fixed in a vertical position.

The length of posts to be installed will depend upon the design of the porch roof chosen. For instance, if you are installing a plain roof, all posts should be of an equal height.

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Step-2: Set the Roofing Frame

Once you have the posts standing in a firm position, it is time to set the wooden or metallic frame with these posts in  order to get the proper design- flat, sloping or slanting.

The joists should be attached from the edge of the roof of the main building and stretched towards the posts.

The frames are generally made of wooden material that has to be nailed to the posts from different angles to ensure proper fixation. This bestows strength to the roofing structure.

Step 3: Fixing the Metal Roof Material

When the frame has been firmly fixed to the posts, spread the metallic sheets, panels, or tiles in proper order. Depending on the material of the roofing frame, you need to fix these tiles properly to the frame so that they remain in an intact position.

Nail them tightly with the frame and posts to maintain a tight fixation. This rigidity ensures protection to the house under all climatic conditions. You can use metallic screws or galvanized steel for this purpose.

Why is Corrugated Metal Porch Roofing an Ideal Solution?

The corrugated metal is the most popular form of roofing material in many countries worldwide. The corrugated metal porch roof is sturdy and long lasting and provides the best value for money.

When it comes to maintaining the construction of the porch roof, the homeowners like to opt for a material that is resistant to rusting, corrosion and protective in storms, cyclones, hurricanes and other natural calamities.

Electrical Wiring and Porch Column Installation

The electrical wiring, light fittings and column installation are not part of the metal roofing, but are related to the construction and should be completed at the right time to guarantee the long-term maintenance of the construction.

Both the front, as well as back porch roof construction should have adequate lighting. This is particularly necessary if you want to fix the lights, fans and other electrical accessories from the roof.

Once you have completed the construction of the porch metal roof, you need to replace the temporary supporting material and install resilient columns to provide a secure and lasting construction.

Open vs. Screened Porch

Once you have completed the roofing installation, it is time to decide about the type of porch that you are going to keep. Generally, homes with large landscape areas look fabulous if you keep the porch space open.

However, to protect the patios from dust and animal evasions many modern day homes have a metal roof screened porch that is a lighted space with closures from all points to keep outdoor furniture, so they can sit and relax and spend quality time.

This type of project can be interesting for those who are considering a porch makeover. Some glass fixtures, painting and lighting arrangements can entirely change your porch area so that can be used for storage or relaxation.


If you are not too handy with the carpentry skills, it is worth consulting an expert contractor for installing the metal roof over a porch.

This can be cost-effective and save your time to accomplish the task quickly. However, it is not worth hurrying, as the concrete construction for the porch foundation needs some time to harden.

Allow the recommended time for this process as the strength and longevity of the metal porch roof will largely depend upon the base foundation.

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