Hip Roof vs Gable Roof – Hip and Gable Roof

Hip and Gable Roof – When it comes to putting together your home and making sure that it looks the way that you had originally intended, you might find that the roof is one of the most challenging parts to deal with.


For this reason, many people start to look into the various standard forms of roof that lots of people are going with today. You will find that both the hip and gable roof types will come up in the conversation quite a lot.

This usually starts a debate of hip roof vs gable roof but, without knowing the details, it can be hard to make a definitive choice or find the right conclusion as to what is the best solution for you personally.

For the best way of dealing with this, you will usually find that the answer will lie somewhere in-between.

However, just by looking at pictures you can usually tell what side of the hip roof vs gable roof debate you fall down on; you just need to know where to look and what to search for as you go.

To get started, then, we’ll look at the benefits of each kind of roof and why you should potentially consider one over  the other;

Hip Roof

The first thing to know about a hip roof design is that they tend to have quite a different style entirely; so it would be hard to get them confused.

Therefore, the difference between hip and gable roof forms is that they tend to have a very different format in terms of the ridging. A Hip roof has a ridge at the top of it, and from that ridge you will four sides descend down into four flats.

Each side of the roof is equal in both length and height, giving ita very precise and structured look and feel. Some people aren’t a big fan of that and this can make them turn to a gable roof style instead.

The main thing to remember when looking at this, though, is that a hip roof is the far more structurally challenging type to actually put together.

They tend to make a lot of different aspects of making a home look finished, complete, and pure however.

For the extra challenge in construction and planning, you will usually need to think about a fair amount of different factors about the roof in terms of the cost vs the security.

A hip roof is far more secure than a gable roof just due to the overall structural foundations and the way that it all comes together. The fact that it is much shorter in terms of the length of the roof ensures that it is far more durable.

This also means that the roof supports the centre of gravity much better when using a hip roof, which typically makes it a very good choice for a lot of people.

They are durable and strong, and suit people who are living in areas where high winds can keep coming down and make it hard to get the right kind of protection from the elements.

More costly but more sturdy, the hip roof is a very viable option.


Gable Roof

A Gable roof is another very popular style of roof that looks the part and also carries a rather magnificent look and feel to it.

In the age-old battle between the Gable roof and the Hip roof, the main thing to remember is that this is a far less sturdy construction than the previous edition, the Hip roof. It’s a lot larger and therefore tends to have a more specific look and feel to it.

These are normally known as a peaked or pitched roof, and they can be a bit of a nightmare to work with if you aren’t entirely sure it’s what you are looking for.

They are brilliant, though, for houses that tend to get a lot of rain beating down on them due to the fact that they are so sloped, and the triangular shape they have is incredibly classy.

When it comes to the snowy time of the year, too, they make a good choice as the snow more or less just falls off the top!

This makes them excellent choices for effectiveness, but their cheap cost in comparison to the Hip roof ensures they remain the choice of value for those on a budget.

Getting A Hip to Gable Roof Extension

Some people will prefer to make the swap from Hip to Gable and to do this you can simply get an extension that works out in the same fashion.

A Hip and Gable roof combination is a very popular style and look simply because it carries a bit of both.

They tend to flow in together and look very impressive as a structure, ensuring that you can have a bit of both worlds on your home – it lets you modify the roof and add a bit of much needed variation to a part of the home that can typically look very dull.

With the right attachments and changes, this can be the perfect addition to your home, which will also ensure that it looks excellent with very little work being needed to make it look the best that it possibly could.

If you aren’t sure what kind of roof to go for with your home, then you should really consider looking into either of these. However, if you do go with a Hip to Gable roof extension be prepared for the extensive work that it can take – as it almost negates the cost-effective nature of the Gable roof in the first place!

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