What Is a 1/12 roof pitch

If a roof rises 1″ in a length of 12″, this is 1/12 roof pitch. 1/12 roof pitch angle = 4.76 degrees.

How To Build A Pitched Roof Pergola

pitched roof pergola

The pitched roof pergola can be constructed adjacent to the front side of the house, a tall standing wall, etc. The roof structure is considerably slanted downward to create a slope towards the end of a pergola. The pitched pergolas are suitable for constructing stylish verandas, patios for a seating arrangement or simply to protect … Read more

Convert Roof Pitch To Degrees

The roof’s pitch is the vertical rise of the roof divided by its horizontal run or span. The pitch is also known as the ‘slope’ in stair construction and as the ‘tangent’ in geometry or trigonometry. The pitch is usually expressed by the rise and followed by the run in the imperial measurement system (Used … Read more

Sloping Roof House

roof shingle color

The roof is one of the most important components for building the house. It stands strong environmental factors, like rain, heat, and cold. Roofs are the shelter a house signifies. Depending on their general shapes, roofs can be categorized into two predominant categories. One is the flat roof, and the other is the sloping roof. … Read more

Shed Roof Pitch

Shed Roof Pitch

While there is a wide range of roof pitches and styles that usually work fine in most locations, several factors are still to be considered to ensure the right pitch is used for a particular project. For a shed roof pitch, there are definitely site-specific elements such as aesthetics and local climate  which can influence … Read more

Roof Slope Chart And How to Use it

For many home owners, the roof is a hugely important feature of the home and is the key section of the home which is seen from the exterior. Given that roofs are normally spotted from a distance, long before any windows and doors, they will be a large determining factor as to what someone will … Read more

Pitched Roof Construction

A pitched rooftop is very distinct to other roofs with less obvious angled options than may be found in some houses. A pitched roof is very angular in natural. When it comes to pitched rooftop construction, there are a few different options: hipped, gabled, shed, and mansard. In order to properly build this type of … Read more

Minimum Roof Slope

Minimum Roof Pitch

Roof pitch, in layman’s language, simply refers to the steepness of the roof. The pitch of a roof is arrived at by dividing the vertical rise and its horizontal span, or what people in the roofing industry would refer to as the slope. There are different kinds of roofs and all these have particular specifications … Read more

Low Pitch Roof

Low Pitch Roof

Roof pitch refers to the vertical rise divided by the horizontal span, or what is commonly known as the slope of the roof. Usually, the pitch is expressed as a ratio of the number of inches of incline for every 12 inches of span. In this manner, it is a common occurrence to find the … Read more

What is a dual pitched roof

With the many roof styles to choose from, making the right decision which design to use with your property must be done carefully to avoid future problems. Some of the selection criteria to consider are location, building plan, building geometry, architectural reasons, neighboring buildings, and economics. Not all regions are ideal for the construction of … Read more

Pitched roof design

pitch roof

Roof is a term used to describe the upper part of a building/structure which protects it from external influence. It consists of a roof structure which may be created from wood, stone, brick, steel and reinforced concrete and outer layer made of shingle, planks, straw, reeds, concrete or ceramic tiles, plastic plates etc. Roofs have … Read more

Roof Slope Multiplier

roof pitch

The roof pitch multiplier is responsible for giving an accurate pitch measurement of the roof. This makes measuring easier, knowing that you are able to get the exact measurement of roofs by merely standing on the ground. This can be done by roofing contractors as well as home owners so they can know how much … Read more