Green Roof Architecture

Green roof architecture. Nowadays, there is a new revolution of eco-friendliness embodied by so-called green roof architecture.


This type of roof architecture is an innovative concept of eco-friendly design in urban areas. It minimizes the negative impact of any building construction materials as well as construction activities that harm our environment.

This ‘green’ concept is also known as green roof landscape architecture, and it offers a powerful alternative to the conventional building process, which uses fewer of the natural resources that are proven to increase humans’ happiness as well as positive effects on their health.


Conventional building is a type of construction practice that has always lacked an environmental approach as well as proper resource use.

A study conducted by the US Green Building Council has shown that buildings today account for 72% of all electricity consumption and a terrifying 39% of energy use.

With the green roof architecture concept, carbon dioxide emissions, which equaled 39% in the study, are decreased.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that green roof landscape architecture is not only pleasant in terms of its visional approach, but also environmentally friendly and amazingly effective when it comes to the use of natural resources and the lowering of toxic emissions.

In a nutshell, green roof architecture design outperforms any other type of conventional building, with its focus on the environment.

The key goal of green roof landscape architecture is to minimize harm to our health and environment while benefiting both.

In fact, green roof architecture companies and experts protect the natural environment by setting new standards with respect to building construction and practices, along with respect for local ecosystems.

With a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the air, as well as the use of organic and recycled materials, green roof architecture has become one of the most innovative types of architecture.



There is a whole set of economic and health benefits connected to green roof architecture.

The economic benefits of green roof landscape architecture are oriented toward reducing construction and operating costs simply by adding a special insulating film to all the windows, thereby helping to reduce heating and cooling costs in the winter and summer by more than 30 percent.

With a green roof design, you will not only be helping the environment and breathing fresh air, you will also be saving a third on your electricity and heating costs.

Along with that, green landscape roof architecture is efficient at absorbing rain and snow and keeping it on the roof, thereby preventing any leakage. In fact, not only does it keep and absorb the water on top, the green roof architecture concept also prevents heat and cold from entering the building.

This combination of eco-friendly windows and the efficiency benefits of green roof landscape architecture create a healthy and cost-effective environment, making life easier for any homeowner.

The health benefits of green roof landscape architecture contribute to the overall happiness of homeowners living with this type of green design.

In addition, sustainable carpeting and paint made from organic or natural materials can help prevent harmful chemicals from affecting construction workers or inhabitants, and blend well with the eco-friendly spirit of green roof landscape design.

LEED Certification

Since 1993, the United States Green Building Council has offered the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification as proof of the amazing benefits of green roof architecture as well as future innovations in this field.

The GBC offers grants to third-party-verified buildings that meet all the green design standards in terms of water efficiency, energy savings, low CO2 emissions, and the proper conservation of natural resources.

LEED certification has officially been made available to both commercial and residential buildings, which can reap the benefits of green roof landscape architecture and take the entire green roof construction and design process into account.

In the end, green roof architecture is considered a living architecture. It outperforms any other way of living because we all strive to save our green environment.

With the green roof concept, energy-saving and nature-saving processes are leveraged into an active lifestyle by adding plants directly to the roofs of buildings.

This way, urban spaces can remain urban while maintaining greenery on top to protect us, our health, and the environment.

With green roof architecture, we have a tremendous opportunity to deliver an active lifestyle in our homes and successfully breathe in all the benefits offered by this type of green design.

Green roof projects are commonly recognized as the ultimate remedy for urbanization and climate changes that affect our health.

With the number of environmentally aware people constantly increasing, green roof landscape architecture projects have become popular everywhere.

People are actively responding to the evidence that we need more green in our cities, and if that green is considered in the form of green roof design, it can provide us with a variety of tangible benefits.

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