Flat Roof House Designs: The Pros And Cons

While it is true that sloped roofs have historically been more popular than flat ones, modern architecture has made use of the flat roof due to is perceived aesthetic value. With modern technology, a lot of the flaws and design issues that might have befallen a flat roof can be mitigated as well, so it’s … Read more

Best Flat Roof Materials and Options


Every residential homeowner must realize that a flat roof is fundamentally different from a traditional pitched roof. As a result, some of the types of materials used for a flat roof – such as asphalt shingles, concrete tiles and corrugated metal – cannot be used when installing a flat roof. Instead, residential homeowners must choose … Read more

How to build a flat roof

roof rubber membrane

Creating a flat roof can be completed as either a DIY weekend project or by a professional contractor. For first-time homeowners, it’s typical to hire a professional contractor who can complete the flat roof installation for you and offer a full warranty for their work. Homeowners can choose between several different flat roof designs, and … Read more

How to remove moss from roof

roof moss

A thin layer of moss growing on the roof of your home may look quaint and rustic, but all that buildup actually leads to the deterioration of your roof. If left to grow wild, this green moss will eventually cause shingles to be pried off, and can lead to potential structural damage to your home. … Read more

What is a parapet roof

what is parapet roof

A parapet is a part of a roof that eliminates the danger of a flat roof while opening up a wealth of opportunities to use roof space safely and effectively. A parapet roof is, simply put, when a building’s outermost walls extend upwards past the roof around the edges, most often by a few feet. … Read more

The Complete Guide for Building a Roof with Overhang

roof framing

The construction of a roof overhang is one important way that homeowners can protect the exterior of their home and preserve its value. They can also include certain architectural features that make overhangs more than just functional parts of the home. In designing the overhanging part of a roof, you will need to keep in … Read more

What is a mansard roof

Mansard roofs are otherwise known as French roof designs. This style of roof or curb roof includes a four-sided hip roof style with two distinct slopes. The steeper angle can be found on one side, and the window creates an extra floor of space in a home, called a garret. Some of the first examples … Read more